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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Breakdown of the Beauty Industry & Small Business During Coronavirus

The Breakdown of the Beauty Business During Coronavirus

Alot of us are feeling the effects of Coronavirus, but none as bad as the restaurant and Beauty businesses. Many of us are losing our jobs, and not sure if they will be there, when, and if, the Stores and Restaurants open again. Some of us fear our jobs will NEVER BE THE SAME, even after we get through this crisis.

In an industry where we work so closely with the public, and in many cases, touch them, these fears ARE REAL!..I believe that we will see a different Beauty Industry when it's over. We will see.

Salon owners, Tanning Businesses, Threading Salons, Massage Therapists, etc.. all over are having to shut down, and a lot of them FOR GOOD! We have been there for years, helping woman feel beautiful, and now left to our own "SURVIVAL". I do understand why, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to ask for their support in their time of need.

The fear of germs has always been a factor in our business. We take such pride in our sanitation, and most of us are more fearful and careful than you are. But, I'm afraid that because of this Coronavirus, that will change the Beauty Industry forever!

They are struggling right now! Most of us are Moms, with families that count on their income. Most of the Media and News is about the restaurant business, and the Beauty Industry is suffering too!

There are a few ways to help... 

If there are GIFT CERTIFICATES you can purchase now, for a SERVICE LATER, please do!
If they have a website that SELLS PRODUCTS, but some. Reach out VIA Social Media, ask them about these, and how you can support them. Each of them might have ideas too. 

I am seeing, even in my small town USA, that some are permanently closing, and it breaks my heart!
But it's not just the Beauty Businesses, is's a lot of SMALL BUSINESSES!

The "Mom and Pop" shops that started in America and all over the world, to support their families, serve the community, and Pursue their dreams and passions. We call it the "American Dream". Many people are losing their family businesses that have been around for generations! So sad. The fault was none of their own.

Please support these small business in your community! The large Corporations have been the Major reason small businesses are dying. The people shopping from them, like myself included are contributing to the problem. We all are helping them, if we order from them instead of supporting the small businesses in our communities.

This is only my opinion, but I'm not the only one with that opinion. In times like these the richer get richer, and the poorer get poorer. It's sad, but true!


Small businesses provide better customer service by far. You are helping keep the money in your community, and your State. That supports the local economy. Bringing more money into your community brings more State dollars, through tourists, tax breaks, etc. Plus, you are helping a family provide for their family, and that feels good.

Cheap Goods From China, or Quality Made

Most of you have to know, that the majority of products bought from Amazon and Walmart come from China. Personally, I think we are crazy buying from a third world country, one that  DOESN'T LIKE US??...Bad idea. 

I have bought from China before, the quality is bad. Shipping takes forever. and there was a point that I decided to  STOP SUPPORTING those countries that pay people, mainly women less than $1.00 a day, and most of them are forced to...Think about that. I did, and it changed how I shopped.

There are many American, or good companies throughout the internet that strives to provide the best quality products for a great price! I choose now, to follow them, buy from them, and support them.


Most people know of Lancome, it's from France right?...Yes...but ..They are a Loreal Company, and most of their products sold here in America, are MADE HERE IN AMERICA! Other American companies are Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Obsessive Compulsive, Jane Iredale, RMS Beauty, Beauty Blender, SkinCeuticals, Stila Cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden, Dermalogica Philosophy,
L.A. Girl, Urban Decay, Chanel, Yes Chanel, Mac, Bobbi Brown, NYX, are among the best known MADE IN AMERICA COSMETICS.

Ladies, know your Cosmetics, know your Companies you buy from, do some research, it's there. I learned the hard way, by ordering from what I thought was a Canadian company was really a front Company out of China!

I don't know the future of our Beauty Industry. I know it will probably be changed forever. What I do know is alot of us women have spent years in this industry, some right out of high school. They truly care about their customers, and strive everyday to give you the best Products, Customer Service, and a unique Experience that is fun, informative, and needed. 

Women want to feel beautiful! They love trying new products, going into a store and seeing all the latest goodies. It's in our DNA. 

Please don't take that from us!..Not for too long anyway!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

10 Ideas for Home School Kids During Coronavirus

10 Ideas for Home School Kids During Coronavirus

Most of you know I am a Beauty Advisor, but few of you know my degree is in Child Development, and I owned and directed a daycare center for almost 20 years. I have a mind full of ideas to help moms who aren't used to homeschooling, and even help those who do. Here are a list of my top 10, and the Subject/Milestone Skill that they promote.

1. Get Them Outside for a Nature Hunt- Science/Discovery

Childcare providers know the air inside is way unhealthier than the fresh air outside. With Social distancing, getting them outside is still possible, even in our own backyards.

Nature Hikes have always been a favorite for our kids, grab a ziploc or paper lunch bag, maybe a camera or phone. Help them discover the natural items around them. Leaves, flowers, sticks, rocks, etc... Ask them questions. How does it feel?..Where do they think it came from?, etc...We call them Open-ended questions. Those that have to be answered more than yes or no.

    2. Books are Always A Must- Reading & Literacy

With all the internet they are exposed to, grab a REAL BOOK, read to them, or have them read to you. Try those that spark their imagination, and prompt their questions. Ask what they like, and base your choices from there. My daughter loved my old "Little House on the Prairie" Books, and the classics that are in mainstream preschools, "Are You My Mother?" "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom".
Check the internet for more classic best-sellers.

3. Learning Toys & Small Pegs , Blocks- Small Motor Skills (small muscles)

Most of our homes already have toys that can be used for learning. Scrabble games, Letter blocks, Even lego's can be used to teach colors, sizes, etc..Peg's and Pegboards, Puzzles, etc. teach small motor skills, and problem solving. Even a regular deck of cards or an UNO game can teach colors, numbers, etc... and be fun at the same time.

    4. Table Games- Art, Discovery, Small Motor, Sensory

Our daycare kids loved PLAY-DOH, STICKERS, SHAVING CREAM, FINGER PAINT and the SAND/WATER TABLE! Sit them down at table, drop cloth if needed.

Give them plastic craft sticks as play cutters, cookie cutters, blocks for imprinting, etc. Shaving cream is non-toxic if non-menthol (still don't put in mouth) It's soap after all. It cleans their hands, and can clean the table after ART projects.

FINGER PAINT inside a ZIPLOC, if you don't want a big mess. Give them a cup of water and a paintbrush outside, let them PAINT THE FENCE. lol..That's no mess at all!

SAND/WATER TABLE- grab a plastic shoe box, empty wippee box (without lid) or a dishpan tub. Fill with anything! Sand, Water, Beans, Rice, Leave etc...Just need supervision for smaller kids.
Old Baby Formula scoops work so well for scoops! Other scoop ideas are plastic spoons, measuring cups, funnels, etc.

    5. Outdoor Games- Gross Motor (big muscles)

Kids need to MOVE! If the weather permits where you live, get them outside! State Childcare Licensing requires kids go outside 1 Hour in the Morning and 1 Hour in the afternoon.

This helps with getting their energy out, makes feel good endorphins, helping with isolation and depression!


   6. Math Counting, Sorting, Patterning- Math Skills

Many household items can be used for teaching these skills. BLOCKS, BEANS (different kids)
DECK OF CARDS, PEGS, SMALL MCDONALD TOYS, ETC..Supervision required for smaller children. 

Even Simple Math like adding and subtracting can be taught using what you have at home.

    7. Cooking with a Parent- Life Skills, Math, Problem Solving

Kids always learn from their parents. What is more fun than cooking! Grab a cookbook, all the supplies and COOK! Cookies are a favorite for most kids, and older kids can cook using a recipe themselves. This teaches math, (measuring) Counting, problem solving, and most important helpful life skills.

      8. Journaling- Writing Skills- Literacy

We love to journal, and what better way to help our kids COPE WITH THE STRESS, than Journaling. Even smaller kids can write, so give them paper, pencils, crayons, etc. Prompt them to write their feeling, how they can help others, and themselves. They can write stories, or letters to family and friends.

       9. Quiet Time

Solace can be good sometimes. Soothing music, a good book, magazine, or a snuggle with a parent.
Cozy up with the softest blanket and pillows. Put on some soothing music, Kenny G Instrumental was a favorite for our daycare kids! Babies slept better than the lullaby, high pitched music! Give them a darkish room, and naptime will be so much easier!

     10. Gardening- Science-Discovery-Sensory

Kids love dirt! Weather may not permit outside time now, but what a better time than SPRING to plant a flower garden, herb garden (kids love to eat what they helped grow) or vegetables in a larger garden. The closer they feel to nature, the more they feel connected. Inside gardening can be fun too, just more



If you have any questions, or any ideas for other moms, please comment or message me on Social Media!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

How To Succeed in the Business Amid Coronavirus

Fear is a given. Fear of the virus, fear of the economy, fear of the changes we have to make as business owners. It's REAL!..But one true thing remains. In the words of Jasmine Star " If you don't move forward, you won't recover".

Business that shuts down completely will definitely fail. That's the hard truth. So I have done some research these last few days, and with the help of some awesome people, I have comprised a few great tips!

1. Get any online work done.

Most of us run a large portion of our business and it's marketing online. Take advantage of this time to create a social posting calendar, new launch details and marketing plans, run the numbers, and keep track.

                             2. Re-Vamp your website

That's our livelihood in the online retail space. Make your website work for you! Add a discount, or free shipping to entice online orders. Show how you are helping people amid the crisis. Reach out to others in your field to collaborate virtually. Plan and record videos for the future.

                             3. Speaking of Videos...

Plan and record future social media videos. The perfect time, especially if you have a brick and mortar store that is closed. Go to your store a shoot your new arrivals for spring, any items you have for winter clearance, or anything else of value and interest for your clients. Start LIVE VIDEOS to showcase products, or just to keep in contact with customers so they know how you are handling the crisis, and that you're not going anywhere, just selling more online.

                            4. Reach out Via DM or Text

Contact followers you have made a connection with, and brainstorm a future collaboration. Not only does this help with isolation, but it makes the future a whole lot brighter when knowing you have a plan! You just might make some money in the process.

                            5. Organize Your Inventory

We all could use some extra downtime to get things organized. From your paperwork, to your inventory. Make this a fun activity by putting on some music, and rocking out while you do it! Nothing makes the world go away better than music. Once you organize your inventory, take photos,or video, or go LIVE to show your customers another look at your inventory!

                           6. Give Away a Gift with Purchase

This might entice your customers to buy, if they have been on the fence. Post in on your website, send to your e-mail list, and start a social media campaign to market it to the public.

                           7. Follow-Up with Your Best Customers

Reach out via Text Message, Facetime, or Messenger to personally check how they are doing. Also ask if there is anything you can do for them, or if there is any product they need soon. Always end with value, offering something from you personally really makes the difference. Let them know of future sales, when your store will re-open, and invite them back.

                           8. Catch up on the Latest Trends in Your                                           Market

Browse online at what's new in your field. Check out what competitors are doing. See what other businesses are doing amid the crisis. Get ahead of the game by planning to hit the ground running when everything gets back to "Normal".

                          9. Re-Invent or Re-Brand

Maybe this is what you've been waiting for? What a better time than now, when you have extra time on your hands for planning, and brainstorming. Get out your notebook or journal. Start this in motion.

                         10. Take Care of Yourself

Last, but not least, self-care is a must! Stress can really take it's toll. Physical health and mental health are at it's worst right now, so make it a point EVERYDAY!

We will all get through this! Stay strong! It will be over soon, and Life will get back to the usual. But in the meantime...


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Belk's Lancome Spring Gift with Purchase 2020

March 2, 2020 – while supplies last
While supplies last, choose your free 7-piece Lancome gift at Belk with any $37.50 Lancome purchase. Valued at up to $147.

  1. Choose your free makeup bag (floral or vibrant pink)
  2. Choose your skincare moisturizer: Renergie Lift Multi-Action SPF 15, Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 or Absolue Premium Bx SPF 15
  3. Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate
  4. UV EX US Prime Defense SPF 50
  5. Blush Subtil Palette All-In-One Contour, Blush & Highlighter in 126 Nectar Lace
  6. Color Design Lipcolor in Pale Pink
  7. Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara

Spend more, get more:

  • Spend $80 on Lancome and also choose a bonus skincare or makeup trio (makeup trio, lift & firm, hydrate & repair OR replenish & revitalize).
  • Spend $100 on Lancome and also receive 3 bonus minis (online only). Up to a $272 value.

Info on Moisturizers

Containing a complex of nurturing Vitamins E, B5 and CG plus high potency moisturization, this greaseless formula provides 24-hour hydration. Your skin will look its healthy best and feel touchably soft all day. With Broad Spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen and essential antioxidant protection, Bienfait Multi-Vital gives your skin what it needs to help fight the visible effects of environmental skin damage.
Skin is hydrated, looks its healthy best, and feels touchably soft all day.
Normal to dry skin, even sensitive skin.
Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist-tested for safety.
Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.


Pamper your skin with the luxurious Absolue Premium Bx Day Cream with SPF. Intensively nourishing, Absolue Bx quenches even the driest of skin without being greasy.

 The velvety texture is light, smooth, and fast-absorbing so it is ideal to wear under makeup.

 Absolue Premium Bx is infused with Pro-Xylane and the replenishing Bio-Network™ to replenish and rejuvenate skin’s appearance while recapturing the qualities of younger-looking skin: firmness, elasticity, and clarity.

 Recover your skin’s “golden glow” with Absolue Premium Bx.

Looking for firmer skin in just one week? Lancôme’s powerful day cream visibly lifts and tightens all facial zones, blending seamlessly into the skin for a refined, new softness. This bestselling formula works to minimize signs of aging—such as sagging, wrinkles, & fine lines—while added SPF 15 provides additional protection against future sun damage. This silky cream texture features hyaluronic acid to also provide all-day moisture and hydration. 
See visibly lifted cheekbones, a tightened jawline and improved definition of all facial contours.

Suitable for all skin types.

For a complete lifting and firming routine, discover our perfect partners for super-lifted skin. Experience a flawless complexion and a 12-hour lifting effect with Rénergie Lift Make-up. Together with Rénergie Lift Multi-Action night and eye creams, it is the ultimate lifting effect for younger-looking skin.

Also Available in a Day Cream for dry skin types with SPF 15, a lightweight day cream, Night Cream, and Eye Cream.



Tuesday, March 3, 2020

10 Things You Need To Know Before Going To a Makeup Counter

10 Things You Need To Know

 Before Going To a Makeup Counter

Working as a Lancome Beauty Advisor, I have learned alot about the business. Most of which is great, but there are a few things you should know before you visit a COSMETICS COUNTER.
All counters offer many FREEBIES, SAMPLES, DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS. It is well worth the time to visit, as we BEAUTY PROFESSIONALS are well trained in CUSTOMER SERVICE, EXTENSIVE PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE, and will help you find the best PRODUCTS FOR YOUR BUDGET.


1. The Bacteria that Lurks is a Possibility

These displays are cleaned twice daily, or they should be, but some sanitary practices done by you, are a must. Here are some Examples:

--Don't put fingers or hands directly on the Tester. DISPOSABLE APPLICATORS are the safer way to go. Your Beauty Adviser will show you how to use each Applicator. They should anyway, that's their job.

--Avoid putting Products DIRECTLY ON YOUR FACE. Use the Back of your hand, between your thumb and forefinger. The skin is basically the same tone.

--Know how to PROPERLY CLEAN TESTERS. All Counters have ALCOHOL GELand PURE ALCOHOL. Use these to clean off ALL TESTERS, even DISPOSABLE ONES, just to be samfe.

--Don't be afraid to ASK FOR TESTERS, if you don't see them. We keep an abundant supply. They should be always refilled when needed. That's also part of the job.

--Make sure the Beauty Advisor is PROPERLY CLEANING and Sanitizing her MAKEUP BRUSHES when doing your makeup. We also keep BRUSH CLEANERS and SANITIZERS at out Makeup Stations.

Article & Image Credit:

2. Don't Be Afraid To Ask for Help

Like I said above, we are HIGHLY TRAINED in CUSTOMER SERVICE, PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE and the LATEST TECHNIQUES. All Cosmetics Brand vary by how and what they teach, so find the COUNTER and BRAND that's right for you, but ASK QUESTIONS if you need to. I actually advise you to! If the BEAUTY ADVISOR is worth her salt, she will be the one asking YOU QUESTIONS to best figure out your needs, and the products to fill those needs.

Cosmetic Counters have SOOO MANY OPTIONS, we can help you narrow down the choices.

3. Samples Can Be Given to Take Home and Try Before You Buy

Most Cosmetic Counters offer FREE SAMPLES of products. We WANT YOU TO TRY them, so you will LOVE THEM...therefore you BUY THEM! That's also part of our job. But good CUSTOMER SERVICE isn't rude, or pushy.

Lancome prides itself of our CONNECTION not SALES, as we DO NOT GET A COMMISSION on our sales, as many PEOPLE THINK. Which brings me to my next point.

4. You are THE CUSTOMER...You Deserve Respect!

Beauty Advisors are there to Help You! If you EVER encounter a RUDE OR PUSHY ADVISOR, say so, or TALK TO A COSMETICS MANAGER. The Cosmetics department in each Department Store has a Cosmetics Manager, and making sure their CUSTOMERS ARE TAKEN CARE OF is her job.

Beauty Advisors are NOT PAID COMMISSION, at least in the Major ones I'm aware of. We are paid according to our SALES, so yesss we TRY HARD TO PLEASE YOU. 

5. Returns are easy! Just Take Product Back to Counter

This is why WE OFFER SAMPLES. If you try before you buy, we have less returns. All Products CAN BE EXCHANGED FOR A DIFFEReNT COLOR, OR PRODUCT. Most Counters offer this same Policy. Understand that there are ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS, if you have used MOST OF THE PRODUCT, for example.

6. Please Don't Open Any Products That Aren't Testers

That is why we provide SAMPLES OF ANY PRODUCT. We have to damage out those products, and it won't BE IN INVENTORY for other customers. Ask your Beauty Advisor if you DON'T SEE A TESTER FOR THE PRODUCT you want to try. Thank You.

7. Please Don't Be Angry With Us for Prices or Policies

We don't SET THE PRICES OF PRODUCTS, they are set by the Brand, and alot of the Brands don't discount their products at all. Most do, but some don't.

When Coupons are EXPIRED, OR DISCOUNT PROMOS are over, we CANNOT let you slide, it may cost us our job. We are watched closely, and this is a BRAND and a DEPARTMENT STORE Policy.

8. We Aren't Trying To Sell You The Most Expensive Product

Yes, we would love for our SALES to be great that day, as we have SALES QUOTA'S TO MEET, but we would never push a high priced product just for the SALE. At least a GOOD BEAUTY ADVISOR WILL NOT. We want you as a REPEAT CUSTOMER that will result in GREATER SALES in the long run. A satisfied Customer Always Comes Back.

9. Some of Us Have More Makeup & Professional Experience Than Others

When you visit the Makeup Counter, whether it's to purchase a product, or get your MAKEUP DONE, it's good to know that not all Beauty Advisors are CREATED EQUAL. Some are Professional Cosmetologists, Certified, like myself .. but some ARE NOT. Ask before, if it's really important to you. For a FREE MAKEUP LESSON, it's probably ok, but for getting your MAKEUP DONE FOR PROM OR A WEDDING, make sure you get a CERTIFIED OR LICENSED PROFESSIONAL. Not all COSMETIC COUNTERS HAVE THEM, so you need to ask before scheduling an appointment.

10. A Beauty Advisor Can Be a Trusted Connection

We strive to make your visit as professional and friendly as possible. Like always, some of us are better at their jobs than others. When you find THAT CONNECTION that knows your style, and your PERSONALITIES MESH, you have found A GEM, and alot of the time A TRUSTED FRIEND. And who of us couldn't use that kind of friend!

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Look Inside

 The Experience of a Cosmetic Counter

 and The World of a Beauty Advisor!


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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

You Tube Video Ideas for Bloggers

You-Tube Video Ideas for Bloggers

Everyone knows we are in the age of video. You-Tube is more popular than ever, and almost everyone I know watches You Tube for every HOW-TO they need, Catch how I said HOW-TO?
The fastest growing segment viewers are searching out, is HOW-TO do something!

So how does this correlate to the BLOGGING platform?...It's virtually the same information, given on a different platform, via a different medium, using your own personal style and personality.

STYLE & PERSONALITY?...Yes, that's the MAJOR DIFFERENCE. Video can showcase you STYLE & PERSONALITY better than an other Content Medium. So What are SOME IDEAS of how to translate a BLOGGING MEDIUM TO VIDEO?...Below are a FEW IDEAS.


You have probably heard this before, and it's true! No one is PERFECT! It's about making HELPFUL CONTENT, not being perfect. PRACTICE MAKES NETTER, NOT


Gary Vaynerchuk says it Best! Just DOCUMENT YOUR DAY, either BEHIND THE SCENES of your business, or TRAVEL, etc... People like REAL, not FAKE. They would rather watch an OK Video with tons of info, than a HIGHLY PRODUCED VIDEO, with lame or SHADY STUFF.


People want INFORMATION. Loads of it. The more we can give them, the better! What is your area of expertise?..What is your BLOG about?...How do you HELP PEOPLE IN YOUR JOB. Take the info you usually put on your BLOG, and make a VIDEO USING SAME CONTENT/INFO.


Yes, some people have expensive SET-UPS, and yes, we can be a little jealous sometimes (I know I am) But most highly ENTERTAINING and INFORMATIVE VIDEOS are those made with a CELLPHONE. Think about it...It's ALWAYS HANDY. Even if we don't carry a purse or wallet, we HAVE A CELLPHONE with us always! Take advantage of this, and when you have an AH-HA MOMENT, pull out that phone and HIT RECORD! The BEST CONTENT is often thouht of ON THE FLY!


Yessss you know this is true! LIFE IS FUNNIER than fiction. Be prepared always, to grab that 1-OF-A-KIND Video clip that could go viral! No editing needed! Keep an eye out for those funnier, sadder, most memorable moments that happen so fast, you need to ready!


If you have had a BLOG for a while, then you have loads of CONTENT. Take that CONTENT, pick out the BEST PARTS of the BLOG POST and make VIDEOS. Each BLOG POST can have a minimum of 3-4 possible VIDEO IDEAS. Use each BULLET POINT in the post to make a different VIDEO.


Take the COMMENTS of your MOST POPULAR Blog Post, and either SHOW THE COMMENTS IN A VIDEO, or make a SELFIE VIDEO talking ABOUT THE COMMENTS, and how much that means to you! SCREENSHOT the comments to use as a TESTIMONIAL on your website, another BLOG POST, or SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS.

Here Are 10 Popular Ideas for Videos

10 popular YouTube channel ideas
  • Personal Vlogging. Personal Vlogging is probably the easiest way to start your own YouTube channel. ...
  • Gaming. If you're a gamer, then you have a potential goldmine of a niche for your YouTube channel. ...
  • Cooking and Recipes. ...
  • Product Reviews. ...
  • Health and Fitness Tips. ...
  • Traveling. ...
  • Gadgets and Technology. ...
  • Humor...
  • Life Hacks...
  • Restaurant and Food Reviews...

Taken From Blog Post @

Hope You Found This Blog Post Helpful!

Comment Below with your Video Ideas!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How To Set Up Video Production with BOX LIGHTS, Tripod & Microphone

How To Set Up 

Video Production with BOX LIGHTS, Tripod & Microphone

Easy, Budget Friendly Garage Studio for Video Production. 3 Steps Anyone can do! Use for Makeup Videos in front of VAnity Too! You DON"T need lots of $$$$ to Make Awesome Videos @ HOME!

We all have seen the beautiful Makeup Video Tutorials. Some with good lighting, and others not so much! So what's the secret?...Good lighting. This can make or break how professional your videos look, and even break your budget, if you're not careful!

I have done research, and found the BEST LIGHTS for creating Makeup Tutorial Videos, and the BEST DEALS for those lights!

The BOX LIGHT is also a good pick for STUDIO TYPE VIDEOS, or Makeup Tutorial Videos. It takes TWO to get even light distribution, but can easily be placed using the same principles as above with the RING LIGHT.

Place one on each side of where you are sitting or standing. Place them at eye level, but these light need at LEAST 3 feet in distance from your face to flatter you the best.

When placed in front of your Vanity or Table, place One on the Left side, and One on the Right side. Test the Lighting distance, as all lights are different.



WANT MORE IDEAS?...ARE YOU A BEAUTY BABE? Love MAkeup & Skin Care? Want FREE MAKEUP & SKIN CARE ALL YEAR?..My Mini-Masterclass will show you how!..Stock Your VANITY TODAY!



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The 4 Best Lights For You Tube Makeup Video Tutorials