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10 Things You Need To Know Before Going To a Makeup Counter

10 Things You Need To Know

 Before Going To a Makeup Counter

Working as a Lancome Beauty Advisor, I have learned alot about the business. Most of which is great, but there are a few things you should know before you visit a COSMETICS COUNTER.
All counters offer many FREEBIES, SAMPLES, DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS. It is well worth the time to visit, as we BEAUTY PROFESSIONALS are well trained in CUSTOMER SERVICE, EXTENSIVE PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE, and will help you find the best PRODUCTS FOR YOUR BUDGET.


1. The Bacteria that Lurks is a Possibility

These displays are cleaned twice daily, or they should be, but some sanitary practices done by you, are a must. Here are some Examples:

--Don't put fingers or hands directly on the Tester. DISPOSABLE APPLICATORS are the safer way to go. Your Beauty Adviser will show you how to use each Applicator. They should anyway, that's their job.

--Avoid putting Products DIRECTLY ON YOUR FACE. Use the Back of your hand, between your thumb and forefinger. The skin is basically the same tone.

--Know how to PROPERLY CLEAN TESTERS. All Counters have ALCOHOL GELand PURE ALCOHOL. Use these to clean off ALL TESTERS, even DISPOSABLE ONES, just to be samfe.

--Don't be afraid to ASK FOR TESTERS, if you don't see them. We keep an abundant supply. They should be always refilled when needed. That's also part of the job.

--Make sure the Beauty Advisor is PROPERLY CLEANING and Sanitizing her MAKEUP BRUSHES when doing your makeup. We also keep BRUSH CLEANERS and SANITIZERS at out Makeup Stations.

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2. Don't Be Afraid To Ask for Help

Like I said above, we are HIGHLY TRAINED in CUSTOMER SERVICE, PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE and the LATEST TECHNIQUES. All Cosmetics Brand vary by how and what they teach, so find the COUNTER and BRAND that's right for you, but ASK QUESTIONS if you need to. I actually advise you to! If the BEAUTY ADVISOR is worth her salt, she will be the one asking YOU QUESTIONS to best figure out your needs, and the products to fill those needs.

Cosmetic Counters have SOOO MANY OPTIONS, we can help you narrow down the choices.

3. Samples Can Be Given to Take Home and Try Before You Buy

Most Cosmetic Counters offer FREE SAMPLES of products. We WANT YOU TO TRY them, so you will LOVE THEM...therefore you BUY THEM! That's also part of our job. But good CUSTOMER SERVICE isn't rude, or pushy.

Lancome prides itself of our CONNECTION not SALES, as we DO NOT GET A COMMISSION on our sales, as many PEOPLE THINK. Which brings me to my next point.

4. You are THE CUSTOMER...You Deserve Respect!

Beauty Advisors are there to Help You! If you EVER encounter a RUDE OR PUSHY ADVISOR, say so, or TALK TO A COSMETICS MANAGER. The Cosmetics department in each Department Store has a Cosmetics Manager, and making sure their CUSTOMERS ARE TAKEN CARE OF is her job.

Beauty Advisors are NOT PAID COMMISSION, at least in the Major ones I'm aware of. We are paid according to our SALES, so yesss we TRY HARD TO PLEASE YOU. 

5. Returns are easy! Just Take Product Back to Counter

This is why WE OFFER SAMPLES. If you try before you buy, we have less returns. All Products CAN BE EXCHANGED FOR A DIFFEReNT COLOR, OR PRODUCT. Most Counters offer this same Policy. Understand that there are ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS, if you have used MOST OF THE PRODUCT, for example.

6. Please Don't Open Any Products That Aren't Testers

That is why we provide SAMPLES OF ANY PRODUCT. We have to damage out those products, and it won't BE IN INVENTORY for other customers. Ask your Beauty Advisor if you DON'T SEE A TESTER FOR THE PRODUCT you want to try. Thank You.

7. Please Don't Be Angry With Us for Prices or Policies

We don't SET THE PRICES OF PRODUCTS, they are set by the Brand, and alot of the Brands don't discount their products at all. Most do, but some don't.

When Coupons are EXPIRED, OR DISCOUNT PROMOS are over, we CANNOT let you slide, it may cost us our job. We are watched closely, and this is a BRAND and a DEPARTMENT STORE Policy.

8. We Aren't Trying To Sell You The Most Expensive Product

Yes, we would love for our SALES to be great that day, as we have SALES QUOTA'S TO MEET, but we would never push a high priced product just for the SALE. At least a GOOD BEAUTY ADVISOR WILL NOT. We want you as a REPEAT CUSTOMER that will result in GREATER SALES in the long run. A satisfied Customer Always Comes Back.

9. Some of Us Have More Makeup & Professional Experience Than Others

When you visit the Makeup Counter, whether it's to purchase a product, or get your MAKEUP DONE, it's good to know that not all Beauty Advisors are CREATED EQUAL. Some are Professional Cosmetologists, Certified, like myself .. but some ARE NOT. Ask before, if it's really important to you. For a FREE MAKEUP LESSON, it's probably ok, but for getting your MAKEUP DONE FOR PROM OR A WEDDING, make sure you get a CERTIFIED OR LICENSED PROFESSIONAL. Not all COSMETIC COUNTERS HAVE THEM, so you need to ask before scheduling an appointment.

10. A Beauty Advisor Can Be a Trusted Connection

We strive to make your visit as professional and friendly as possible. Like always, some of us are better at their jobs than others. When you find THAT CONNECTION that knows your style, and your PERSONALITIES MESH, you have found A GEM, and alot of the time A TRUSTED FRIEND. And who of us couldn't use that kind of friend!...lol

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