Wednesday, August 19, 2020

How To Start An Online Boutique 5 Easy Steps

How To Start An Online Boutique

What a bunch of Red Tape!...The last few months have been a challenge for sure, but one thing IS for sure....It's worth every minute!.

Months of endless e-mails. Hours of product listing, day after day of planning, and note taking. The process was a long, drawn out ordeal, but the final challenge is almost over.

I'll walk you through my step-by-step system I discovered along the way. Mistakes were made, for sure, but all the better for you, since I worked through it, and want to share the process. If you are interested in starting an ONLINE BOUTIQUE, read on.


Step 1- Do Your Research

Research is a must before you begin. Decide your NAME, IDEAL CLIENT, AND YOUR USP (Unique Selling Proposition) What makes you special, and sets you apart from the crowd?

Decide business type, inventory, drop shipping, collaboration, etc..I'll explain more about this later in this blog post.


Step 2- Organize Inventory

This is a time consuming process. Take good notes, keep those notes organized, and do one thing at a time. Keep track of all your orders, to make sure you aren't over ordering. Start small, and work up from there.

Manage the invoices, and create a filing system, or an online bookkeeping for those invoices. This is the only way to keep track of what you're spending. Go back through the orders if you need to, in the future, to adjust the nest order, depending on sales.

Step 3- Product Listing on Website


Product Photography is the alternative to vendor photos. There are many videos on YouTube that shares this process. So check it out. Drop shipping also uses vendor photos, ao this process isn't needed, unless you want to.


Step 4- Launching Your Boutique

Now that the backend is set, its time to plan a LAUNCH! You decide what that means to you. Video's need to be made, going LIVE is a must, and Planning out your Social Media is advisable.

Because of Covid-19, we are planning a PHOTO SHOOT, along with a VIDEO FASHION SHOW. I've thought of a way to do this, wearing masks to and from the locations, and meeting with 1 model at a time. People are usually 6 feet from each other in a photo shoot anyway. With the help of Video editing Apps, I plan to create a LAUNCH VIDEO. A VIDEO FASHION SHOW is Coming!

Step 5- Sell, Sell, Sell

This is the moment you have worked so hard for. Marketing your business is your life blood! There are many ways to market your online boutique, and I'll share a few ideas I'm using.

Canva Pro is an app or desktop page that I use to edit my images. The PRO VERSION allows you to take backgrounds off your images, and provides FREE VIDEO CLIPS, AND PHOTOS. Check it out!
There is a Free Version, and a Pro version. The paid version is $19.00 a month.

Videoshop App is what I use for creating Video's with Text overlays, music, and so much more! There is a FREE VERSION, and a PAID VERSION. The paid version is $3.99 a month.

I have a Social Media plan, and I learned it from Jasmine Star. She is a Photographer, and Business strategist. She has SOCIAL CURATOR, that offers A Social Media Action Plan Each Month, along with her Photos, Caption to use each month, and a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where she teaches MASTERCLASSES that help us market our businesses. Her Monthly Subscription is $49 a month.

I plan out my Instagram on PLANOLY Free Version, and there is also a paid version. This App lets you upload all your photos, and rearrange them so they look good on your Instagram Feed.


- Facebook & Facebook Ads (Facebook Helps you)
-Instagram SHOPS (Google all the ingo)
-Pinterest Strategies- (Must for a Boutique)
-You-Tube (Videos of your Products)
-Linked In

These are all a must in my opinion.

I listen To 2 Boutique Podcasts, and they are..."Boutique Hub", with Ashley Alderson, and The "Boost Your Boutique" Podcast with Emily Benson. Each of these have tons of resources, plus masterminds and trainings, so you can grow your boutique!

I hope this Blog Post has been helpful. If you have any questions, shoot me a comment below, and I'll reply with any resources I have.

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