Wednesday, June 24, 2020

How to Add Glitter To a Graphic Tee & Iron On Transfers

How to Add Glitter To a Graphic Tee

 & Iron On Transfers

There are so many creative ways to up out fashion game, and style a graphic tee. My YOU-TUBE CHANNEL has all different kinds of BEAUTY INSIDER SECRETS, FASHION TIPS, AND HOW-TO VIDEOS! CHECK IT OUT HERE! @

Below is my how-to video sharing how I GLITTER my Graphic T's. In previous videos here on the BLOG, AND ON MY YOU-TUBE CHANNEL, I share how to FRINGE the bottom of a Tee, and Bead one as well. 

Last week I shared a HOW-TO VIDEO on "How To Iron on Transfers To Blue Jeans" using my Applique Art Iron-on Sets you can DIY at home! They are available on the WEBSITE HERE @

Here is the YOU-TUBE VIDEOS so you can follow along, and see the Step-by-Step Instructions for all the different ways to STYLE A GRAPHIC TEE, and USE THE ACCESSORIES as well.

I have also found some amazing ideas you can DIY on Pinterest! Here are a few...

These Blue Jean ideas are what gave me the idea for MY APPLIQUE ART SETS. They are so creative, and fun! ..Boho is one of my favorite styles ever!

This image below is for the TALENTED CRAFTER, and I am gonna try this idea, but I think it may be beyond my talents! lol. Appliques and Patches are such a part of BOHO STYLE!

These ideas are quite a bit easier, and are on my list next! lol. I love the way BLUE JEAN JACKET is shredded. That might be pretty easy, but the fringed skirt might take a little more effort.

Here are more ideas from Pinterest that I found for SANDALS! Aren't they the most adorable thing??
These are definitely on my list to try as well!

The beaded sandals will be the hardest design I've tried, so wish me luck! I will keep you all posted with my progress. The easiest one, I think will be the FLIP-FLOPS WRAPPED WITH A SCARF!

Let me know if you like all the FASHION IDEAS?...I would love to know if you try them, and what you think?

Till next time...STAY TUNED FOR MORE SOON!...Take Care, and always remember..
Much Love,

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