Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How To Turn a Few Customers a Day Into Hundreds

How To Turn a Few Customers a Day 

Into Hundreds

I've Been There,,,

Direct Sales & Multi-Level Marketing...

Ask Your Family...

Bug Your Friends

Cold Calling Strangers...

Day After Day After Day....UGH


I Tried Something Different.

Why Bust My Butt Driving Miles & Miles Everyday?

Why Spend Way More Money Than I Was Making?


Where Were People Shopping?

Where Were People Already Hanging Out


I'm Sharing My Secret!


Yes, that's right..

Taking Your Product Based Business to a Vendor Event Will...

--Increase Your Sales

--Put You In Front of Hundreds of Potential Customers

--Get Product & Brand Visibility

--More Cost Effective Than Traditional Marketing

--Turns a Few $$$ a Day Into Hundreds!


Product Based Business

 To Vendor Events

The 4 "P's" To Success

Stop begging your friends and family or cold-calling strangers!
 Turn a few customers a Day into Hundreds! 


Do your homework. Who is your ideal customer? What do they want to buy? When are people shopping? Where will I find the most customers? Make a Plan. Make the calls, get the info. Then consider the cost of booth or space to the profit potential. Ask Promoters about past traffic & sales potential. 


Check Vendor Event groups on Facebook Groups, Google, Local Chambers of Commerce, or Events Online for cities and towns you are interested in. Most require a deposit that is non-refundable if you cancel, or it rains, so be careful.

After you learn the ropes, it's easier to find the best events or trade shows that fit your business and market. Do your research online to the fullest before you decide on the right show. 

Also check out Craft Fairs, County Fairs, Flea Markets, etc depending on your product. Once your approved, and deposit is paid, you are well on your way to a NEW VENTURE WORTH LOTS OF $$$. 


Now is the fun part!. Decide your brand colors. If you have an online store, all the better because you will keep the branding the same as your website. Decide on inventory. What items will you be selling?...Some Vendors limit what you can sell, so make sure before putting any money down.

 Make a list of necessary items you are selling, as well as a packing list for booth fixtures too. The space for an event is usually 10X10 feet, so keep this in mind when planning you inventory and layout.

Also consider when planning your space, is the decorative elements you want to add. Curtains, backdrops (some events require this) Tool for draping, music, lights, displays etc. The better you design your experience, the more customers you will attract. 

Make sure there is a hidden place to hide storage tubs and boxes, etc. Maybe under a table, behind a curtain, or have help taking them back to your car. You don't want these laying around cluttering up your tiny space.

Speaking of an experience, Music, candles ( if allowed) is a good idea to create a relaxed shopping environment. It draws women into your booth!

Draping & Table Displays are a must, I think, so think of a creative pretty way to display your products. For Jewelry, use a Neck Bodice Display (as pictured below). For Clothing or Boutique Items, use a small rack, placed where it has easy access and traffic flow. Pegboards, and Lattice panels are also a cute way to display items with hooks. Tables should be strategically placed near the front & center of your space, with you BEST PRODUCTS WITHIN EASY VIEW! 


This is the most important part of your plan, so take your time, and set your goals. Pricing your inventory needs to be the first thing on your list. Prices depend largely on your product, but can be adjusted depending on your event, and your end consumer.

The rule of thumb in most retail selling is to add up all your COSTS, the money you have already invested in the product, then add 20%. If you want to factor in the cost of the event and supplies for it, you might think about increasing your profit margin. My personal rule is.. If my Products cost $10-$20 dollars, and the event was $100 to register, PLUS gas, lodging etc..I might make my profit margin up to 30%. So the price of my Products increase to $20-$30 dollars. Math is not my strong suit, but this easy rule will help too. 

Think the RULE OF THIRDS. 1/3 is your original cost of product 1/3 to replace the product without any additional purchase 1/3 Pure Profit If you stick to this RULE. A $10 Product should be $30 to cover inventory replacement on it's own, so you don't have to eat into your profit margin.

The second key to this step is ADVERTISING. The more your social media followers know where you are, the more they will come. Facebook friends are usually the most local. Put out a post a few days before, telling them where, and re-post it again the day before, and the morning of. You can even create a Facebook Event on your Business Page, and Invite them Personally. This works well. Also important to growing your business and profit is having a way to capture E-mail addresses.

Whether it's a Basket Drawing, A Product Give-a-way, or just a Sign-Up Form on your table. FREEBIES work better for this than just a Sign-Up Form. Use this info to market to your customers in the future. Also a good ideas is to put a Business Card in every bag with purchase, so they know your website, and social media to follow.


Selling Face-To-Face is always a more personal experience than online! People love the connection, and sometimes instant friendship you make by actually meeting the persona you are doing business with, and seeing their customer service firsthand. It makes all the difference.

Take lots of pictures, and even make videos, if you can, to use for Social Media and Marketing. Bring a friend or Spouse, or even your tech savvy kids to help with this part, so you can concentrate on your customers.

Now, more than ever, since we have all had to Stay-at-Home for the last few months, PEOPLE ARE WANTING TO SHOP! They are wanting to go places, and see people, and spend money!




I Hope you take this PLAN and use it to make BIG PROFIT. But most of all, HAVE FUN!
Much Love,

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